About Universal Energy Corp

Universal Energy Corp seeks out innovation in Power Generation.

We seek to provide innovative products and solutions through the company’s well-rounded management team. In the field of energy power generation, Universal Energy Corp seeks to discover, design, and manufacture alternative power generating devices and equipment for domestic and international use. We hope to serve both the residential and commercial markets with individual home generator units as well as larger systems that can be tied into the Grid.

Eventually, Universal Energy Corp hopes to find or develop a system that could run electric vehicles at the lowest economic cost.

THE VISION OF Universal Energy Corp

Universal Energy Corp is a company with a reputation for consistent innovation and the highest level of design, engineering and implementation.

We seek to provide innovative products and solutions that will improve the lives of people all around the world!


Universal Energy CorpAlternators Will Work With Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas, Wind or Water

The unit to the left is one of our industrial portable generator systems that can run on gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas.

With an efficiency of 96.7% or higher, our generators will work even in a slow-moving river hydro-power application.


A Homeowner’s On-Site Power Plant

The Universal Energy Corp Generator System is the solution to rising energy costs and frequent power outages.

Homeowners and businesses alike can install our state-of-the-art on-site energy power station.

Our proven technology can generate energy at a cost of less than $0.024 per kilowatt-hour, which is well below the average US kilowatt-hour cost, and a price that cannot be matched by local providers.


It is important to realize that with the Universal Energy Corp Alternator, the efficiency is not a fixed value with our alternator. Its output values will vary completely dependent on the rotor speed of the unit.

Thus, the higher the speed that the rotor is spun, the efficiency of the Universal Energy Corp Alternator goes up significantly. As a result, our 5kW APT Alternator running at its maximum acceptable rotational rate actually delivers a 24kW output.

We currently have in production a 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 25kW and 50kW units, with plans to produce even larger units.

One of the most important aspects of the Universal Energy Corp Alternator is that because it has produced no cogging load on the system, it generates power very effectively and is completely free of any of the typical vibration that is found in standard alternators. As a result of our APT Alternator’s incredible efficiency, as you can see in the image on the left above, the 5kW unit, at the current price of natural gas in the United States, is producing 24 kilowatt-hours of energy for less than $0.024 per kilowatt-hour.

Furthermore, initial testing of the Universal Energy Corp 25kW alternators is actually producing 100kW. Also, while we officially state that the efficiency of our Universal Energy Corp Alternator is over 92% efficient, the efficiency of our newest Universal Energy Corp Alternator design is running around 96.7% efficiency in preliminary tests.

The units can run either single-phase or tri-phase, and because the output of the Universal Energy Corp Alternators are DC, based on the transformer used to convert the power to AC, the output of the transformer can be whatever cycle rate required (50 cycles, 60 cycles, etc.)

Also, because our newest design of alternators utilizes ceramic bearings, we can offer a 10-year warranty due to the fact that the ceramic bearings require absolutely no maintenance.

The Universal Energy Corp Alternator is so efficient that even a slow-moving creek or wind can be set up to provide electrical power to your application.

  • Cogless=produces power at low speeds
  • Can hand-crank over 40v by hand
  • Single-phase or tri-phase
  • 96.7% efficiency
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


Phillip Gilliam


Phil Gilliam who is a CmfgE Mechanical Engineer served as President, CEO, and director of Universal Energy Corp since the Companies inception until recently when he took the position of CTO for the company and Albert Bareli took over as President and CEO.

Prior to joining Universal Energy Corp, Mr. Gilliam was associated with an engineering firm Pennington Paul and Gilliam, Inc. (PPG). He was the founder of the firm in 1992 and served as it’s CEO. Mr. Gilliam has developed robotic systems, automation marketing, and financial solutions for companies such as General Motors, Ford, Home Depot, Alcoa, and Union Pacific amongst others.

Prior to his founding PPG, he was the founder of Interphase Inc. which built hundreds of specialized machinery applications and some of the most advanced robotic systems in the world. The work was done for Governmental as well as the private sector including many Fortune 500 companies.

Eli Goldberger

Executive Vice President / Director

Mr. Goldberger is a seasoned entrepreneur with an interest in many industries. From Nov 2007 – July 2015, Mr. Goldberger was Founder & President of Payday Solutions Inc. of Nanuet NY which is a regional payroll service company. From November 2016 to the Present he is the CEO of Preprogen a healthcare company focusing on women’s health.

Barry Pomerantz

Senior Advisor

For the past fifty years, Mr. Pomerantz has been involved in over one hundred Initial Public Offerings, Mergers, Private Placements, Reverse Mergers, and Financial  Consulting Services.  He has represented numerous Companies both in the private and public sectors. Mr. Pomerantz was formally President of an NASD Brokerage House, and President and Chairman of the Board of a public venture capital company. He was formally on the Board of a Savings and Loan Institution. He is a graduate of New York University.